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Disneysea Fastpass 2010/2/17 01:53
If I take a FASTPASS for one attraction, can I just use my 1-Day Passport for another attraction using normal standby time/lane?
by mrafidi  

... 2010/2/17 05:41
Yes, you can.
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... 2010/2/17 12:48
The 1-day passport gets you in the park. After that you can put it away.

The Fastpass is specifically design for that purpose. Wait fulltime for one ride, fastpass another. Repeat all day.

You should definitely fastpass Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones, and Center of the Earth.

Keep in mind you can't FP the gondolas and they get very crowded at night. And Big Band Beat ends early so if you are not careful you won't get to see the show.
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... 2010/2/17 16:45
Correct me if I'm wrong...

From Disneysea website..
Check your FASTPASS ticket to find out when you can get a FASTPASS for another attraction. Please note that you cannot get a second FASTPASS ticket for the same attraction until after the period of time for using the first ticket has passed.

Is it meant that I can a get a few FASTPASS in a row for different attraction?
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。。。 2010/2/21 13:52
When you get a fastpass from the machine, you have a certain time period for which you can't get another FP.

It's about a 2 hour window but depends on how crowded it is that day.

So, you can't get a FP at 10am for ToT and then run over to Stormrider and get one 30 minutes later.

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.. 2010/2/26 02:08
Thanks... in general maybe around 4 to 5 times I able to use it.. Am I right?
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... 2010/2/26 06:27
It depends on how busy it is. On busy days, the fast passes for popular attractions can be gone within two hours or so, so that you won't be able to get any further passes for the rest of the day. On the other extreme, if it is not busy, sometimes the queues are so short that there is barely a need to use the fast passes, at all, especially on calm days in Disney Sea.
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Early April 2010/2/27 17:05

I plan to go on 8th April(Thursday), do you it's Ok, since it's a weeday and maybe most of the people busying with Hanami?
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... 2010/2/28 02:34
The school holidays will be finished, so it will be a regular weekday. So, it should not be overly crowded:
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Single Rider 2010/3/1 11:56
Don't forget at Disneysea you have the option of "single rider" which means basically you can go on the selected rides, bypassing the queues (in fact I find them faster than fast pass). Only issue if you don't mind, is as it states, you will be slotted in as a single rider and therefore won't sit next to your friends, even if you all went in the single rider queue. From memory, single rider applies to the "Indiana Jones" and "Raging Spirits" attractions, and one other which is boring anyway so I wouldn't bother with that and just stick to the 2 rides mentioned.
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forcast link... 2010/3/2 15:59
Thanks Uji-san for the link..
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Single rider 2010/3/3 13:41
I highly reccomend going single rider for indiana jones. Even if you are with someone the wait will be so short that you will come out probably only 1 minute after.
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