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japanese skincare regime 2010/2/17 20:41
couldnt find a similar post on the website, so thought i would open one.

to start off, i am asian and have been really interested in skincare products since young. so i was thinking, how is it that japanese women are able to maintain that flawless glowing skin even into their mid-30s??? it's amazing! other than the usual sunblock reminder (i use spf 50 with pa+++ as i live in a perpetually sunny country, unfortunately), may i know what other skincare products do an average japanese woman use? how do their skincare regime change as they age on? as well as, what brands are these products come from?

any comments are welcome. thanks!
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. 2010/2/18 19:17

I've traveled around 7 different Asian countries, and I find that their skin quality is not too different from those of women in my country, Japan. I even think that most Japanese women have the impression that Korean women have prettier/younger skin than the Japanese. Generally speaking, people in the colder regions of Japan have prettier skin than those in the warmer regions. For me, I practically do nothing. I don't use all that fussy lotions or liquids or creams or whatever they call them. I've always washed my face with regular soap and applied some handcream if the skin was chapped, and that's about all I did. I'd walk through department stores and cosmetic shop clerks would stop me asking what the secret to my skin is. I tell them my story and they always respond with a "I do hear that people with good skin do nothing to it." But balanced diet and beautiy sleep is always important for everybody, I think.
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The Japanese Skin Care Revolution! 2010/2/19 19:23
Please read "The Japanese Skin Care Revolution" by Chizu Saeki. She is very popular in Japan right now and so are her methods. She used to work for several skin care companies and she herself has great skin!

If you want to buy an actual Japanese skin care line, my Japanese friend recommends DHC -- you can buy it as long as you live in the US, UK, Canada or Japan. You'll have to google it, because there are different web addresses for each country. These are the same exact products as they use in Japan.

On Amazon.com there's a video of her methods that you can watch for free.
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... 2010/2/21 23:50
99% of cosmetics and other skin products are about style, not beauty.

You will be much better off looking into what people eat and drink, and how they exercise.

The quality of your skin is determined more by your diet and daily routine than what products you use.

You need to realize where the road to beauty starts: your mouth.

If you research, you will find that some of the most beautiful women (skin-wise) never use commercial products in that way.

And as we all have different figures, different blood types, etc., so too is skin different for every person. What works for her might not work for you, and vice-versa.

You need to discover your nutritional balance, your balance with the sun, your balance with sweat and exercise.

Do that, and they beautification will begin to occur naturally.

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