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Jogging 2010/2/19 11:55
Hi there,

You might consider this a real crazy question. I am currently in training for my first half marathon in May but I will be visiting Japan for 16 nights in April. Now I would like to have a few training runs in between all the sightseeing so that I dont lose the training momentum. I have this strong desire to just chill out but I know when I come back, I will be down on endurance.

Could you please recommend a place to go for a run in Tokyo & Kyoto?
I am staying near Shiba koen in Tokyo and at the ANA in Kyoto.

Any guidance will be much appreciated.

by Raj (guest)  

no problem, at least in Kyoto 2010/2/19 14:45
Hey Raj,

actually, I do not regard this a crazy question. (Just don't be too disappointed if your performance isn't top-notch - I always feel that jet lag effects me for quite some time when doing sports, even though sleeping is no problem after 2 or 3 nights).

Anyway, back to your question. No idea about Tokyo, but your location in Kyoto is not bad for jogging: Running along the river, Kamogawa, is very nice. Also, you often see people jogging on the ground of the Imperial Palace (though, doing some serious training will be easier along the river).

Have fun!
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Tokyo 2010/2/20 11:59
In Tokyo, around Tokyo Imperial Palace moat,
Yoyogi Park, etc. Also hotels have jogging course info.
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Thank you 2010/2/20 15:22
Thanks heaps guys. I'll do some research on the suggested areas.
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ask hotel 2010/2/20 17:40
Mick Jagger joggs at Hibiya Park in Tokyo. Just ask the hotel. They know best about jogging courses. Everyone joggs. Even Bill Clinton.
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. 2010/2/21 14:17
A LOT of people, jog and run around the imperial palace in Tokyo. I often ride my bike past their and see people jogging/running at all times of the day (morning, afternoon, evenings).
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Myoshin-ji 2010/2/22 03:13
In Kyoto, go around the Myoshinji temple property. It is huge and nobody is around. You can run from there to Ryoanji/Kinkakuji.
You might even stay at Shunko-in shukubo temple stay cheap and Zen meditate there.
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jogging in Tokyo 2010/2/22 12:23
Actually there's quite a bit of info on the internet if you search. Try for a start, then, then look at the Japan-specific sites.
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Thanks 2010/2/24 14:32
Thanks again all. You guys rock!

I have started looking into the online site and also plan to go to Myoshinji if time permits. But definately, will run in the imperial palace grounds and along kamogawa river in Kyoto. I'll just need to map a start/stop to get my Kms in.

In Tokyo, looks like I'll have to take a train from either shibha or hamamatsucho to somewhere to get a quick run. Dont know if I can do a few laps in Shiba park. If not, then will go to Yoyogi park/Palace and give it a try.

Ideally, I would like to get up early, have a run and then head out with the family for the trips. So I want to make sure I dont have to go out of my way to get a run in.

Thank once again.
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. 2010/2/25 04:02
If you are staying in a hotel with your family, then, jog early from the hotel. Just go one street behind the main street but keep the bearing so you don't get lost. I usually do this while people are sweeping the store/building fronts.
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excellent advise 2010/2/25 08:10
thats excellent advise.
I wasnt sure how crowded the streets were and if was recommended to jog on the streets/footpaths as we do here in sydney but this helps immensely. As you rightly said, I'll just need to ensure I dont get lost
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