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Low price Karaoke in Tokyo 2010/2/20 19:26
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi! Sorry for lots of posts. I was trying to find karaoke ( private room ) style place that ranged around 7000 yen or so? I'll be in Taito-ku area near Ueno In Tokyo. I will travel while I'm there, so if there's areas more suited for that entertainment, please suggest it.

Also this isn't really entertainment related but i didn't want to do another post in food.. Anyone know any do it yourself Okanamiyaki places, where you have the grill in the middle of the table. Budget priced. Thanks!
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Re: 2010/2/22 00:39

There are lots of low price Karaoke with private rooms around AMEYOKO, for example, Karaoke-kan(カラオケ館).
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ははは 2010/2/22 03:56
7000yen? what are you doing, going to private karaoke in ginza?

for 7000 yen you could probably book a karaoke booth for 3 straight days at most karaoke places.

just look around at the signs. they are all over the place. in ikebukuro get out at the north or metro exits and just walk around. there are karaoke places everywhere.

there are also a few karaoke places in west ikebukuro, and there might be one near sunshine 60 in east ikebukuro. all of them are around 2000 yen and many of them are nomihoudai at that price. depends on what time you go in though, and weekends/fridays are more expensive than weekdays.

if you don't mind a bit of an interesting experience, tomato in shin okubo has free karaoke for people who are waiting for a table or who just feel like having a good time before eating. their karaoke rooms are huge and luxurious and they have an enormous song selection in japanese, korean and english.
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Oh my goodness!! 2010/2/22 06:38
No wonder I didn't get any replies for a while!! I meant the 700yen places, not 7000yen. Sorry!! I'm used to won, which $700 would be 7000won... I better becareful,eh?? Thanks for the advice all. Sorry for the money mix up!
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I did see 2010/2/22 06:40
Yah I also did see 3500yen place for no time limit? I might consider that if I can get someone to go with me.
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My goodness 2010/2/23 06:37
I just totally didn't make sense really..
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700 2010/2/23 09:58
700usd would be closer to 800,000won, or 70,000yen. 700yen = 7$ = 7000won (actually 8000 at current rates)

anyway, i dont know of many karaoke places that have 700 yen karaoke. they are not going to be very good, or the time limit is going to be pretty short.

there are a few 1000yen karaoke places around but you'll have to look. they will generally be limited to start after 11pm and you'll have to leave the place by 5 or 6am. drinks and food will of course not be included.

as for finding someone else to go with you, you certainly should, karaoke by yourself is embarrassing! get a friend to go with you. you are not allowed to split the cost though. but you'll have way more fun.
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Yup 2010/2/23 13:06
Yah I saw my mistake yet again. I almost did that one in real time when I nearly bought a $100 fan, thinking of won, that it would be $1. ^^;

I thought the cheap one would be good by myself, but if I got someone to go with me, maybe the more expensive all you can sing places. I have a friend over there, but she is far from tokyo and hasn't been communicative lately.. Possibly really busy. Otherwise I'd have to meet a friendly person or another tourist to go Karaoke with. I know that sounds crazy, but I am probably going to make that attempt. Maybe someone at the hostel I'm going to. ^^;
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One more question 2010/2/23 13:07
Do they have those little karaoke video machines? The one that records you kind of like those cute photo booths places?
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. 2010/2/23 22:16
Karaoke is embarrassing alone? Huh? No it's not I go all the time on my own...
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Well.. 2010/2/24 09:17
I did it all the time in Korea alone, but it was little coin booths for teens? It was only a couple bucks for several songs. But I was think it'd be nice to have company if I am paying a lot more. Not neccessary but possibly fun? More for company than embarrassing..
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when do you plan to go? 2010/2/24 15:54
What time do you plan to go? Most of the big chains have extemely cheap flat or hourly daytime rates. At Shidax in Roppongi, for example, you can sing for as long as you want from opening to 5pm for a flat fee of 600 yen per person.
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Yah! 2010/2/25 02:57
That's what I was looking for! I'd go anytime it was cheap. I don't need to 'enjoy nightlife' or go partying. I just really like karaoke! It's fun. So daylight would be great and 600yen, definitely a price I would like to pay. Thanks yllwsmrf! So it's probably best to wander the streets looking for deals? I'll try that place you mentioned. If you know any others let me know too. I'm going to be in Tokyo 8 days, in Taito area ( near Ueno it seems). I'm going to visit different areas so the karaoke can be anywhere in tokyo.
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karaoke 2010/2/27 07:37
I like your karaoke attitude lol I agree, diffidently go for daytime rates, and if you plan to sing alot, free all you can drink places are nice! I don't live in Tokyo so I don't know any good place but hope you find one :)
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Definitely 2010/2/27 13:48
Thanks for the great attitude though:) I'll try to make sure to record some good places down on paper and then on blog so people will know some cheapy places and times when they are cheapy. We'll see how it goes ^^
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