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What gifts from the U.S should I bring? 2010/2/21 09:35
New York City
I'm from NYC and will be visiting family for the first time. What are the best gifts to bring?
by Marie (guest)  

.. 2010/2/21 16:30
We are from Australia, so I don't know if this will help, but we have found photo books about our home area, and uniquely Australian toiletries eg hand cream, have been very well much so we have been asked to bring more each time we visit.
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Gift giving 2010/2/23 14:18
Gift giving is a very important part of the Japanese culture. They will never say that it is "expected" but they will give you gifts so you will feel bad when you do not have anything to give them back. You don't have to give expendsive things, best is something that tells them about you. They will appreciate anything, make sure you have enough to give also, if you are visiting family, they will probably give you stuff through your whole trip.
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re: gifts from the U.S. 2010/3/9 15:00
food/snacks special to your area are always great ... and small things that can be used up. japanese homes are often very small and FULL so something that can be enjoyed but used up is usually perfect. or even a reusable shopping bag that symbolizes your part of the world. postcards are inexpensive and good ... like a package of them with many different views.
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Food makes a great gift. 2010/3/23 10:16
Japanese often give consumables (food and alcohol) as gifts. They are enjoyable and don't take up space long-term. Alcohol can be a bit heavy to transport, so food with some sort of cultural connection to you is a great choice.
You didn't mention the context of your visit. If you will be staying with a family, maps and pictures of your area are great to bring. They would probably like to see pictures of your family as well. Japanese people rarely see American money, so having some examples would be fun.
If you are going for business, I'd stick with the food for a gift.
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Sweets 2010/3/23 11:18
Japanese are big fans of cakes and chocolate
things. My wifes mom like Kona coffe and smoked salmon.
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