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Daily Sumo Schedule 2010/2/23 12:19
Osaka City
Hello...I'm so excited to visit Tokyo in a month!

I would like to make a trip to Osaka to see the sumo tournament, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get there in time to see much. By my calculation, I could probably hop a shinkansen and get to the Osaka gym at around 3pm, and it appears that the event begins early in the day and wraps up around 6pm. I'd miss most of it I think. Does anyone know the schedule of events, specifically for Monday 3/15? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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daily schedule 2010/2/23 17:44
This is typical daily schedule of the tournament.
It seems you can see both Juryo and Makuuchi matches.
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I saw that... 2010/2/23 21:58
Yes, I saw that "typical" schedule, but I was wondering if someone had the "actual" schedule for 3/15. I don't read Japanese, so I don't know if it exists. Before I buy a train ticket and ticket to the event, I want to know what's happening. Thanks!
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... 2010/2/24 01:16
Sorry, I don't know they have actual schedule or not. But although they said "typical", the time schedule is the same every day every tournament every year exept the last day of tournament. Or you want to know there are special events on 3/15? If so, events are the same every day exept the last day of tournament.
Maybe I've missed something you want to know, sorry.
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... 2010/2/24 08:02
Juryo starts around 15:00.
The Makuuchi dohyo-iri ceremonies happen around 15:45.
Makuuchi starts around 16:00.
The day ends around 18:00

Before 15:00 the lower ranked wrestlers fight for a few hours.
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always the same... 2010/2/24 08:33
The "typical" schedule is the "actual" schedule, if you're asking about timing. It really does not vary by more than a few minutes other than on the last day where everything is half an hour earlier to leave time for the presentation ceremonies at the end.

I really recommend making sure you have the time to see the makuuchi bouts, as they are by far the most interesting.
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Thanks 2010/2/24 11:15
Thanks friends! I have to debate this. I was hoping the matches ended later so I could see more of them. I may have to come back!

Chicago, IL, USA
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