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Gift to a Japanese businessman/academic 2010/2/24 11:36
Hi, I'm going to Japan as an exchange student and I will grant a scholarship from the president of a Japanese company; the university says that I have to bring a small present to this guy.

What can I give him? I'm from Mexico.

Thank you very much =)
by Mariosempai (guest)  

just a thought! 2010/2/24 19:31
I take myself to only briefly.
I think everyone needs a little happiness in life! (A good luck charm, and what good to drink from your country)

Gestures speak a lot more talk than action.
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Businessman in Japan 2010/2/28 11:47
When making a business trip abroad, the businessman in Japan often buys the cigarette and sake.

The chocolate and the cookie, etc. are bought for the colleague.

I think that the sake of a small bottle of Mexico(Tequla?) is good.

However, I think that the cake is good if you are 20 years old or less in the student still.
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. 2010/2/28 14:14
Very good Tequila (Patron?). Maybe Margarita mix too.
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... 2010/2/28 14:18
I might suggest something like a good photo book of your country :)
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