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Adress of Jaejoongs parents? 2010/2/24 21:25
a few months ago i asked how to write a letter to a company. I did it but i think my letter has not arrived. So i want to know the adress of Jaejoongs (TVXQ Member)parents or his privat adress and how i have to write it down. it's just a fan letter!! so please if someone knows the adress then tell me. i will never see him because i live in germany but it would be great if he would read my letter
please answer me...!!
by TurkishGirl52  

. 2010/2/25 07:45
Sweatheart, idol group's parents don't just give out their personal info to the public, and even if they do I'm sure they wouldn't want to be disturbed by every girl who wants to deliver "just a fan letter." What makes you think it hasn't arrived anyway?
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... 2010/2/25 08:04
but his mother has a restaurant... Could i send it there if i know the address? I will search for the address but i need help so if someone knows the address of this restaurant please tell me or the address of the cosmetic salon from his sister
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privacy 2010/2/25 08:32
I think it's very unlikely that someone who knew the address of Jaejoong's family members would give out that information to unknown people on the internet. Private addresses are just that, private.

It's really better that you go through the usual fan club channels.
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Re: 2010/2/25 15:53
Jaejoong and his parents are Korean and they live in South Korea.
So, We Japanese don't know their address and can't read and write Korean Hangeul characters.
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