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Concert queues 2010/2/25 02:00
Hey all! I hope someone has some ideas for me.
I have secured 3 concert tickets, 2 of which I have seats and the third is standing only. I'm curious if I should do what we do here in the States and get in line as early as I want with the understanding that people will get in the venue according to the line order, or will they let people in according to when they purchased their ticket? Any other situations someone who doesn't understand much japanese will need to listen for?

Thanks a bunch!
by kaxxina  

don't worry 2010/2/25 07:20
I don't know much Japanese either but can always figure out whats going on. Some concerts had signs up with the numbers on them showing you where to wait in queue, and others (smaller shows) have just yelled out the numbers. If you can't understand the numbers in Japanese, just show your ticket to a staff member, and I'm sure they will be more than willing to help you! Not sure where you are from, but Japanese concerts are an awesome experience! Enjoy!!!
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seiri bango 2010/2/25 07:41

For the ones with seat numbers, you don't have to worry about it. For the standing ticket, it might depend on the concert, but typically there should be a reference number on it beside the letters that say ԍ (I hope you can read the Japanese font correctly). On the night, you will be called out in the order of this number, so it doesn't really make sense to queue hours in advance.

If you could specify the concert, perhaps someone can check the artist's or promoter's official site for more details. Otherwise, try asking at a fan site.
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