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What to wear to fashion interview? 2010/2/25 22:15

I know, the wording of my question sounds very ironic.

I will be going to Tokyo in about a month to interview at various companies for a job in the fashion industry. I know that Japanese company attire tends to be more conservative, but what about in fashion? For instance, over here (America), you would dress businessy, sure, but with your own personal flare, and you're not limited to drab colours. During the interview you'd probably still dress more professional than when working, but you're not limited to, say, a three-piece suit. What's the stipulation in Japan? Is there one? It's the biggest issue I'm facing in my trip preparation right now.

Thank you!
by samantha (guest)  

. 2010/2/26 07:20
It's the same here in Japan, and I don't think that the wording of your question sounds very ironic.
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Ah, well.. 2010/2/26 19:03
Hello Kitty T-shirt?

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seriously? 2010/2/28 07:16
it is personal flair...not flare..unless you are planning to wear flared pants or a flared skirt or plan to light up the place with a light fuse.

1. natural ability; talent; aptitude
2. instinctive discernment; perceptiveness
3. stylishness or elegance; dash to dress with flair

1. a shape that spreads outward; "the skirt had a wide flare"
2. a sudden burst of flame
flare is also used for medical problems
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