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fotos? kabuki, no, shrine,temple 2010/2/28 02:06
Dear all,
I assume it is not allowed to use a fotocamera during the performance/match/training of Nó, Kabuki, Sumo - neither with nore without the flash nore in qiute regime since it has one?

In general - is it possible & wouldnLt it be disturbing (annoying) using camera in shrines & temples - in case it is not explicitly prohibited of course?
Eihter with or without flash?

Or are there any special rules regeding taking fotos?

thank you

... 2010/2/28 03:55
It cannot be generalized. It always depends on the specific place and situation.

No and Kabuki Performances: I assume that it depends on the theater. It is probably forbidden in conventional theaters, but might be allowed in more touristic places, such as Gion Corner.

Sumo: photo taking is allowed at any time during regular tournaments, including flash photography. But if you visit a stable's morning practice, individual stables' rules will apply and you better ask if the rules are unclear.

The rules also differ between individual shrines and temples. But as a rule of thumb, photos are allowed anywhere except inside buildings and photos of objects of worship. Look for signs and ask if in doubt.
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... 2010/2/28 03:56
Sometimes the signs are in Japanese only. Look for Be֎~ (photography prohibited)
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photos 2010/2/28 07:20
If you have a good digital camera you shouldn't have to use a flash anyway. If the subject is over 25 ft away in a big arena or outdoors the flash will not be of much help anyway.
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thanks 2010/3/1 16:30
thanks to you guys (I would have used the flash in relevant situations only of course).

besides - thank you Uji for the japanese sign - very helpful, I will immediately put it into the list of most important signs & words I am trying to study before I leave (ooh, itLs really very near now :-)) )

again, thank you both for responses
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