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Cosplay - Shugo Chara! 2010/3/1 01:59
I would like to buy Amu's cap with cat ears and Ikuto's ears of "Shugo Chara!".

Could you write me a list of important shops of cosplay in Tokyo?

Is it possible to send costumes to Italy?

Thank you! ^^
by CaroDiario  

shfsfjgsdjgfhj 2010/3/1 07:18
hardly anyone will ship overseas...
1) shops have better things to do with their time than ship
2) yahoo auction sellers almost never ship internationally

so your best bet is to
1) learn to browse yahoo auctions, order through a middleman service, pay up the wazoo and perhaps even more (because of italy customs?)
2) buy off ebay, pay even more up the wazoo
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