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buying dvds 2010/3/1 07:32
im looking for dvd stores anywhere in japan.is
there a list somewhere that has address?thanks.

by coonie  

Anywhere 2010/3/1 12:09
DVD stores can be foudn practically anywhere.

However, Japanese DVDs are Region Code 2, and NTSC, so unless you have a multi Region player, you may not be able to play them.

For example, Europe is Region 2 but use PAL instead of NTSC.

USA is Region 1, and uses NTSC.
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expensive 2010/3/1 12:11
Oh, and DVDs are expensive in Japan.

A typical new release is around 4400 yen, but you can usually find it for around 3600-3800 yen, but that's still expensive by world standards.
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