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Ghibli Museum Tickets 2010/3/3 12:09
Kyoto City

We are planning to purchase Ghibli tickets at Lawson on the first day that we get to Japan. That would give us about 6 days before we intend to visit Ghibli but my question is, can we purchase the tickets in any Lawson store, I mean not just in Tokyo?

We are thinking of getting them in Kyoto before we head off to Tokyo.

Thanks so much!
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yes 2010/3/3 13:14
yes, you can
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Yes! 2010/3/4 19:25
And for others interested in how and other directions (in English):

How to buy tickets for the Ghibli Museum
Tickets to the Ghibli Museum are time and date specified. For instance, you would buy a ticket for 10 AM on March 10, and you have to line up at the entrance about half an hour before then.

In Japan, tickets to the Ghibli Museum can only be purchased in advance at Lawsons convenience (konbini) stores, from the Loppi ticket vending machines. Lawsons stores are everywhere in the Tokyo area and elsewhere in the country. If you donft speak Japanese, ask your hotel or a Japanese-speaking friend how to get tickets, or just go to a Lawsons and see if someone can help you out. I would bring a paper with gGHIBLI MUSEUM TICKETSh written on it, with the number of tickets you want plus your desired time and date, and show it to one of the helpful shop assistants. There are instructions in English on the Lawsons web site. By the way, the correct pronounciation for Ghibli is gJI-bu-rih, not gGI-bu-rih with a hard G.

ETA: Tickets go on sale about 2 months in advance at Lawsons.

If you are nervous about trying to buy a ticket in Japan though, it is possible to buy one in advance before you leave in certain countries. (Donft believe erroneous reports on some trip-review sites that say you must buy tickets outside of Japan! How do these people think that people living in Japan buy tickets, sheesh.) Follow the links on this page on the museumfs web site for instructions. Tickets cost 1000 yen each for adults, and less for children.

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ghibli ticket sold out for mar 2010/3/18 16:10
Found out from Lawson website that the tickets for ghibli museum for month of march are all sold out. Do they have separate quota for Loppi machine and online reservation? ie if the online status is sold out does it mean that using the Loppi machine, it is also sold out?
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same 2010/3/18 16:52
No, whatever status you see online is the same in Loppi machines.
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Ghibli tickets 2010/7/1 21:58
We were able to get Ghibli tickets at Lawsons just 3 days in advance. The Lawson employee was able to help us use the automated Loppi system since everything was in Japanese.
Tickets for weekdays seem to be much more readily available than weekends. I was told weekends could be soldout months in advance.
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