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Kabuki-Za Theater tickets 2010/3/3 14:21
I believe that the Kabuki-Za Theater is closing at the end of April.

We'll be in the area in mid-April. Can we just walk in and buy tickets (single show) a few minutes before a scheduled performance, or should we actually call and arrange it in advance? That is, how is the availability usually? And how is it expected to be in April (shortly before it closes)? The day we'd be going there is either Sun or Mon in mid April.
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I'd like to know too! 2010/3/6 14:34
Sorry OP, this is not an answer for you, it's just that I was wondering the same thing. I'll be in Tokyo April 18-22 and I'd like to know if it's still going to be open at that time...
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Ticket 2010/3/6 22:10
You will get it.

All tickets of "single show" are sold at the window only for act single show.
It is only sales and there are neither a reservation nor an advance sale on that day. The sales time is different depending on the starting time.

2010. 2`28@April

The first 11:00AM
The second 3:00PM
The third 6:20PM
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I know the good service for you! 2010/3/10 12:09
Hi,I love Kabuki and have seen it many times.
The last show at the Kabuki-za theater is on April 28,2008.
I heard it is very hard to get tickets in March and April because only 2 months shows left before the theater is demolished.

I recommend you to visit the following web-site by one of my friends in Tokyo.

See Q8 in FAQS about the time to get the shingle show tickets.

And see the bottom of the following
she accepts the request of April show until March 12

If you need more help, contact her. The web-site has the contact page. She is a nice person and knows very well about Kabuki.

advanced tickets
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The last show is on April 28, 2010 2010/3/11 00:14
I am sorry I did a misprint.
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