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Nikinokashi 2010/3/3 14:43
Hi. Does anyone know where else are the branches besides Ueno?
by Elsie (guest)  

Nikino kashi branches 2010/3/5 09:26
Please see the below link for other branches;
(Sorry, all Jananese)
I hope it helps you. Have a good weekend.
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Nikinokashi 2010/3/5 11:38
Thank you.
I visited that website. I was hoping to get the address in Eng so I know where I should go. Can I find them in Ikebukuro, Ginza, Shinjuku etc?
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. 2010/3/5 13:45
No, not in Ikebukuro, Ginza, Shinjuku etc?

They have two shops in Ameyoko of Ueno.
There are three more shops in Tokyo but they are in Shikahama (Adachi-ku), Tsurukawa (Machida-shi) and Fussa (Fussa-shi), all of them are further away from central Tokyo.

Other shops are outside of Tokyo (Kashiwa, Soga and Inzai in Chiba prefecture, and Tokorozawa, Sengendai, Souka, and Yoshikawa in Saitama prefecture).

If you're visiting central Tokyo, those two in Ueno are the most convenient.
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oops 2010/3/5 13:46
Forgot to delete "etc?" after Shinjuku.
Anyway, they have only two shops in central Tokyo.
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English address for the branches 2010/3/5 13:48
Hi, I translated the addresses into English.
(Except ueno) Hope those are helpful.
I don't think Nikinokashi has a branch in central Tokyo area other than Ueno.
Each location is bit far from Station.
It is easier to visit there by car.

4-25-7, shikahama, adachi-ku tokyo

4-13-8, shinkashiwa, Kashiwa-shi, chiba pref.

2-288, naka aria, Tokorozawa-shi, saitama pref.

768, fussa, fussa-shi, Tokyo

1F of Kokkoro yoshikawa(--Bldg name), 1518 sakae-cho, yoshikawa-shi, saitama pref.

2-14-14, tsurukawa, Machida-shi, Tokyo

1-2, hara, inzai-shi, chiba pref.

1-34, kawasakicho, chuo-ku, chiba-shi, chiba pref.

6-5-19, yosizumi-cho, nishi tokyo-shi, Tokyo

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Thank you 2010/3/5 14:57
Thank you for all the information. I will go to the one at Uneo then. Hv a good weekend.
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