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household appliance 2010/3/4 16:28


I would like to bye a kind of electric pot to do shabu shabu; but a tiny one, just for 2-3 persons. And other appliance as: tiny electric rice cooker for 2 persons.
Anyone can tell me where to bye these things in Tokyo? And where to have a good choice?

Thank you very much^^
by Doan Tomoe (guest)  

stuff 2010/3/5 04:10
appliances department in a department store, also Yodobashi cameras (they sell all sorts of big and small appliances). Akihabara likely ha lots of places selling them. Some food stores sell them too. Look around your neighbourhood.
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Household appliance 2010/3/5 18:46

Thank you, Monkey see, for the information.

Have a good weekend^^
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TOMIDEN 2010/3/17 12:00
TOMIDEN is one of the best electronic home appliances store In Tokyo ...Once try here ...may be you can get your required goods ...
All the best ....
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Where is TOMIDEN? 2010/3/17 20:12
Thank you, Milonroid.

But would you tell me, please, where is TOMIDEN store? Is it in the center of Tokyo?and how to go from Ikebukuro?

Thank you
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ikebukuro 2010/3/18 09:46
If you're gonna be in Ikebukuro then you should go to one of the big electronics stores in the area. Recently there's been a huge turf war among the big three retailers there so you have a good chance at getting a good deal and good selection. Check out Yodobashi Camera across from the station, and the new Yamada Denki and Bic Camera Outlet in the area.
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Thanks 2010/3/20 21:02

Thank you very much, yllwsmrf!

Have a great weekend^^
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