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Truly plus size shopping 2010/3/7 06:52
Not that I think there'll be anything for me to buy, I can't help but wonder where large Japanese women go shopping. I know they exist, I've seen 'em. And they were clothed. ;-) Anyone?
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daiei and seiyu 2010/3/7 09:31
i am a bloke so am not sure about women's clothes but i buy my clothes at the local variety stores- daiei and seiyu. they carry a large variety of larger sizes from 3XL to 6XL. These stores are not known as fashion central though...
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^__^ heh 2010/3/7 10:08
Thanks for the reply. ;-)
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. 2010/3/7 11:11
I had to take clothes with me. Even after I lost a lot of weight it was hard to find my size.
Women have it worse. Not much clothing and the styles are terrible.
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Depends 2010/3/8 18:30
How much money are you willing to spend? If you are willing to shell out some extra cash, I'd recommend going into any fairly large department store. Isetan carries at least a US18, UK 20 (this I know, because I have brought from them!) but the clothes are expensive.

Jshoppers uses Cecile and Nissen to ship clothing, so maybe you can find a catalogue from them if you are looking for cheaper clothes.

The other thing it depends on is your size and how, er, curvy you are. If you have a large behind or a large chest, things may be more difficult for you.

I'd also recommend buying clothes before you leave. :/

If you are looking for a Western company that ships overseas, try Torrid or Land's End clothing. I'm positive Land's End ships to Japan, at least they did about 6 months ago.
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... 2010/3/9 02:03
The standard Japanese size "M" for ladies is about a US size 2, while "L" is about 6 I think.

I honestly haven't seen many plus size shops in Japan that are equal to American plus size. I've seen shops that called themselves "Queen size" which is LL and equal to about US 10.

If you like pop or street fashion this brand might be good http://www.monsterdrops.com/ I'm not sure of your size, but this brand looks truly plus size (and super cute!)
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? 2010/3/9 09:46
Ok, just to jump in on this as well...

Do you know where any of those ''Queen size'' shops are? I am an Australian size 12, so about a US size 8 (I think that is how it works) so I am just a little too big for their large clothing (most I can fit, but it is tight) but about two or three sizes too small to be into plus sizes.

Got any suggestions or recommendations?
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