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Selling goods 2010/3/8 00:43

I want to sell some of the electronics that I have, does anyone know any place in Tochigi or Tokyo that purchase second hands eletronics. I am looking in selling my mp3 player and some fancy headphones.

Also is there anyone experience in selling stuff in Japanese? Some usefull phrase in japanese when barganning will be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

by Kitty (guest)  

second hand stores 2010/3/9 10:33
Have you tried second hand stores like Hard Off or Book Off? There's bound to be at least one second hand store local to you. Btw, don't expect much for your items, you'll probably only get a few thousand yen for each at best.
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. 2010/3/9 11:19
I usually use hardoff

They might/might not give you a good price depending on the product.

"xx o uritai desu"
I want to sell xx.
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Classified section 2010/3/9 12:29

You can also try selling them on the Classified section of this very site, in English.
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. 2010/3/9 18:59
I've also had some success using craig's list Tokyo:

I recently sold a bicycle there, and found my current house too!
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wish me luck 2010/3/9 21:20
I'll try it out this weekend,

Thank you everyone~!
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