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Sculpture used for worshipping deceased 2010/3/9 18:57
Japanese people have at home or in more public place a kind of sculpture that they use for worshipping ancestors. I would like to see photographs of some to know what they look like.
Thanks for any information that gets me closer.
by Theo (guest)  

"Ihai" 2010/3/10 09:55
I guess you mean "ihai", a tablet on which the name of the deceased is engraved.
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Small buddhist shrine? 2010/3/10 12:22
Are you talking about the small buddhist shrine that some people have in their houses? something like that?

not exactly a shrine... but you know ha ha
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More detail 2010/3/10 17:39
There supposedly are small drawers in it, where ashes of the deceased are kept.
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ihai 2010/3/11 10:29
Then I suppose it's the "ihai" and here is the drawer.
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Thanks 2010/3/11 17:16
Thanks a lot for all your answers.
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