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request autographs using fan letter 2010/3/9 19:31
I was just wondering about this thing in Japan as I've just discovered that western entertainment world (like in U.S.) mostly entertains their fan's request to get their autographs by sending letter.
Like how the fan puts an envelope with his/her address on it into another envelope, and then sent it to the celebrity to ask for an autograph photo. So the celebrity will just use the envelope inside the envelope that has the fan's address and also the Japan stamps on it. Or maybe the fan will include some Japanese money in it if she/he couldn't find any Japanese stamps in their place.

Sorry if this question sounds weird, but I was just wondering about it since I don't really know if this ever exist in Japan entertainment world.

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Fan letters 2010/3/11 17:00
You can' t buy current foreign stamps (Japanese, French, German etc. outside these countries). Foreign collectors stamps sold in your country would not be accepted by the Post Office in your country as postage to another country. .
Do not send money as it could be stolen or is of no use for the person at the other end.

Just buy International reply coupons at the main post office in your town. Actually send a few in case your celebrity send a photo.
I used to do this when I was a teen, many years ago..and already knew that my "idol" never saw my letter..they have staff to handle their mail...
I did receive great signed photos mind you...

"The selling price of a reply coupon in the United States is $2.10. One coupon is exchangeable in any other member country for a stamp or stamps representing the minimum postage on an unregistered air letter"

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irc 2010/3/11 17:37
ah yes, I totally forgot about the coupons.
So my main question about getting autographs of the celebrities by fan letters even exists in Japan, right? Although we know they never read them and their company will handle it.

Thanks for the answer. but just wondering who the idol you requested the autograph is? :)

(sorry for poor English )
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letter 2010/3/12 05:31
Takeshi Kitano of course!
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