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Women Travellers 2010/3/10 15:18

I have a (hopefully appropriate) question for the women here. Have you ever been staying in a Ryokan with only a shared bath, no private baths or separate shower rooms, and been on your 'time of the month'? I am going to Japan for a month which of course means it could be a problem. What do you do, in this situation (I would of course not enter the bath itself, but since mine tends to be very heavy I can't just walk into the room and wash outside of the bath)? I don't want to walk around smelling disgusting, either.

Thank you
by Kirjava (guest)  

bathing during that time 2010/3/10 19:31
In a situation such as you described, there is little choice but to find a quiet corner shower in which to wash up. I highly recommend the use of a menstrual cup such as the diva cup if at all possible. It keeps the blood contained and I have had no problem with mess or leakage for over a year. no one would even know you are on that part of your cycle.
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tampon? 2010/3/10 21:47
If I was in your situation, I'd probably wear a tampon for the time when I would be washing myself or soaking in the the bath. True, it has a little string, but it can be...tucked away. Probably no one would notice you were on your period.
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. 2010/3/11 00:22

Don't you have the option of booking a place with a private shower for about 3 nights of your stay?
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. 2010/3/11 05:03
If I were in your situation and there is absolutely no other option, I would wear a tampon and use the bath when there are fewer people there, which usually is dinner time.
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but not the tub 2010/3/11 10:26
I agree with Ikuyo Kuruyo, but I wouldn't use the tub, as it is bad for yours and other's hygiene.
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