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Guess in Japan 2010/3/13 12:17

I was wondering if you could buy the brand Guess in Japan. Is it a popular/known brand? I was checking on their website and it doesn't list Japan...
by Lizzy (guest)  

Guess gone 2010/3/13 14:12
They used to have a store in Harajuku but it closed several years ago. As far as I know you can't buy the brand in Japan now.
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... 2010/3/14 10:14
Unfortunately for the most part, no.

You can sometimes find jeans shops with a small selection of Guess jeans but these are not official stores and the jeans themselves are questionable.

Brands like "7" and "Citizen" (most more that I don't know) controlled the high end jean market and Guess didn't fair well here.

But Japan has a HUGE jeans culture so you shouldn't have trouble finding a pair to fit your style and physique.
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