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What kind of picture with job resume? 2010/3/13 18:14
Hey all,
just wondering, when sending out and emailing resumes, etc, I noticed alot of job postings require a photo. What kind of photo do they want? I'm assuming just a head shot, but are they expecting business suit, or is like a sweater or something more casual ok? Any experienced job seekers care to share? Thanks!
by butabakamuchi  

... 2010/3/14 10:18
Business formal, color or B&W.

H40mm x W30mm for the size.

Full head and shoulders.

That's the typical stuff people adhere to.

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. 2010/3/14 10:52
I would highly suggest it be a photo in a suit and tie vs. a tee shirt.
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job shashin 2010/3/14 19:34
Thanks! がんばります!
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