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Japanese Clothing & shoes Sizes? 2010/3/13 23:47
Im panning on Studying in Japan for about 5 or so years if possible & i was wondering if i will be able to get Visual kei/Kuro lolita outfits, Im a US size 14 (in pants and skirts) Shoes US 9 and a US large/X-large tshirts im 5'5" (height) I was also wondering how much do street fashion and cosplays cost?
by ThePrincessofDarkness  

It's gonna be tough 2010/3/18 01:21
Some brands (like BtSSB) make shoes in size LL which MIGHT work.

I've seen some larger girls fit into the shirred dresses because they stretch a lot more. If you're wearing dresses/skirts you don't need to worry about the size of your bottom half (but, to be honest, most skirts won't fit you-I have a 27/28 inch waist and when I was into Lolita I couldn't fit most skirts).

All the websites post up measurements of each item-just use a website translation tool and check out the measurements against your own.

In terms of pants...I'm a US 6/8 in pants and I can't fit into bottoms in Japan (except jeans at Uniqlo). Most t-shirts only come in 1 size so you'll probably be out of luck.

Sorry to be a downer! But you should really be prepared to take extra clothes with you since it's hard to find larger sizes in Japan, especially lolita/VK.
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Well then lol 2010/3/18 04:08
I guess imma have to get skinny lol XD Because its no fun going to a country and not be able to buy clothes u like so ya v.v
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