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No tax camera shop in Shinjuku 2010/3/14 06:31
I was wondering if there are any shops to be found around Shinjuku that sell cameras to tourist without charging the taxes?
I've heard of stores like those in Akihabara mostly...

My situation is that upon arrival in Japan, I will stay in Tokyo only for a full day before leaving, and I have to buy a camera on that day. The exact model I want will become available in North America a few days after I leave, but it's supposed to be out already in Japan (I'm basing this on reading the Amazon.co.jp availability)

by zarya (guest)  

... 2010/3/14 08:09
Both leading electronics stores there, Biccamera and Yodobashi Camera do so.
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Which? 2010/3/15 12:34
Which camera is it, because both Sony and Panasonic have Japanese language only, on their digital still cmaeras.
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(OP) 2010/3/16 06:53
It's a Canon camera!
Reading on the English Canada website, there's a lot of languages to choose from for the menu, so I thought it must be the same for the Japanese version, as the model is called the same thing and everything...
What do you think??

Also... I'm actually planning to buy it on Amazon.co.jp because it's some 7000Y cheaper than on Yodobashi and Bic website!
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no problem 2010/3/16 10:42
No problem if its a Canon, all their models are properly internationalized in terms of menu languages.

If you are considering amazon you may also want to compare prices on http://www.kakaku.com
You may be able to save even more money purchasing from one of those listed stores.
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tax 2010/3/16 10:44
Also note that you will have to pay tax on purchase through amazon, and other stores not authorized for duty free sales. But the savings will likely outweigh the tax.
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Panasonic digicams no English? 2010/5/8 16:15
Was thinking of getting the Lumix LX-3 when I travel to Tokyo next week. But reading above that Panasonic digicams only ship in Japanese language is bummer. Is it the same for those sold at mega duty-free tourist shops like Laox?

Speaking of which, Laox's online store price for the LX3 is quite good; just wondering if that's just for online purchase only; whether the actual store quotes same amount..

Thank you in advance for any information you might have...
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LX3 2010/5/11 11:52
Just checked with suppliers and other forums and found that the LX3 when bought in Japan
- comes with only Japan warranty
- comes only in Japanese
- the english/export version (LX3SG) costs about double
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