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Takarazuka Revue, How to go see it? 2010/3/14 13:03
I want to see Takarazuka Revue.
1) How do I find out what is playing in April?
Saw what is playing up to March 21st, but not any further than that? On the official site.

2) Can I get tickets while in Japan? Do I have to call? Do I go to the theatre and buy them?

3) Anyone had experiences with the different sections of seats? Can you see anything from the A and B seats? Are the S seats the only way to see anything?

4) If you are into this type of thing.. did you go? Did you enjoy it?? This will be one of my splurges possibly on my limited budget. I loved the photoes on the Japanese version site.

Thanks! Add any links or thoughts! :)
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Takarazuka 2010/3/15 17:26

depending on when you are in Japan you have to either go to Tokyo or to Takarazuka (a suburb of Osaka. The Hankyu rail line from Hankyu Umeda goes to Takarazuka.)

Yes you can buy tickets in the theatre. For the show in the town of Takarazuka as it is likely that you will stay in Osaka, the Umeda Hankyu store, near the Hankyu rail terminal, has a booth. You might be out of luck if you are buying nearly at the last minute but one never knows..
have a look at http://shoujo.tripod.com/takara.htm
Can't help you more..
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Sad face 2010/3/15 19:03
Looks like I won't be able to catch any shows. I'm going to be there April 19-27 T___T.
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No need for a sad face! 2010/3/17 12:23
Look here at the 2010 schedule :
There will be shows when you are in Japan.
Also this wiki site has a lot of information on how to get tickets and the customs of Takarazuka... I'm half tempted to go myself! (Going to Japan April 1st-22nd)
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WOW 2010/3/17 19:56
I gave up way to fast, but I didn't find that information like you did! :) You are very resourceful. I hope you come back to talk again! I would love to chat with you about what show you are going to see and what seats you might go for and if you are going to buy any souvenirs! :)

Also I know you don't know me, but if you are interested we could meet up for going to it or something ! Just to let you know I'm female from usa. I don't know Japan so much, but I'm a bold person, who doesn't mind getting lost once in a while and turns it into an adventure!
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Hurray 2010/3/17 20:06
Now I'm reading up on it more.. I feel like I might end up as one of those people who have to stand through the whole show haha.
I feel it is a unique experience. One of my art teachers used to go to it and has a lot of beautiful autographed photographs and posters!! I am so excited!!!
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Carnevale looks good! 2010/3/17 20:26
Just gotta figure out how I'm going to get tickets.. sounds like you really have to create a strategy! Don't know if I understand pia exactly either.. I did see some preview videos on youtube.. Carnevale looks really good.. I like the costumes and all the singing


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In case any of you are interested 2010/3/26 21:03

Is a yahoo group that is deeply insterested in Takarazuka Revue. They gave me a lot of first hand experience, everything from how to dress and how to get tickets. Give them a try if you are interested in Takarazuka review. I am going to try for the April 22nd and will most likely record my results at my blog for my trip http://wanderlustv2.blogspot.com/
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