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What are good Japanese skin care brands? 2010/3/22 06:34
I LOVE skin care, and am visiting Japan from March 17-April 2nd.

I know Japanese are known for having great skin and great skin care. While I'm not looking for any whitening products, I am wondering if there are any relatively inexpensive products (I'm aware of great brands like SK-II that are more pricey) that I could find at the drugstore or somewhere like that which are especially good. When I go to Vietnam I love buying Sunsilk Shampoo, so in Japan I'm looking for something along those lines. Great skin/hair care that we wouldn't have in the states, but cheap. Any suggestions?

by Alexis Parrin (guest)  

DHC, Shiseido 2010/3/25 19:36
For skin care, a lot of Japanese people tend to like DHC. DHC can be ordered in the US, Canada, and UK, but I've never seen it on shelves! There are DHC stores and places like Don Quioxte where they just sell it on the shelf. I brought the lotion, skin milk (I don't know what that is either...) and cream for around 5,000 yen at DQ.

For hair, you can't go wrong with Shiseido Tsubaki (camellia). Every time I've tried to change to something else, I just go back to Tsubaki. It's popular enough that you can find it in drug stores.
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