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Sony Touch ebook reader 2010/3/23 14:18
I lives in Asia. Will be holidaying in Japan in May. Is it cheaper to buy ebook reader from Sony online store in US or a retailer in Japan. Btw, is the operating system purchase from Japan in English or Japanese? Thanks for any advice.
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sony reader 2010/3/24 11:52
I don't think that the Sony readers are being sold in Japan just yet. Its not listed on the Sony Japan page, and the only store selling it is amazon.co.jp (for about 40,000 yen!) and it appears to be an imported model. I would order it from the US. Amazon.com lists it for $270 USD.
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... 2010/3/24 23:14
hi yllwsmrf, thanks! I'm so surprised ... a Sony product afterall ...
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sony 2010/3/25 09:53
You'd be surprised then to find out that Sony is one of the worst companies at globalizing their products. There's quite a few things that they release in only one region or another, and even models that are sold worldwide have region specific settings.
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