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will foreigners enjoy disneyland? 2010/3/23 22:17
i went to disneysea 2 years ago and didnt appreciate that shows and some rides are only in japanese... we couldnt understand anything.

is it also the same in disneyland? plan to go there next month. or maybe i should watch cirque instead?
by princess (guest)  

rides 2010/3/24 08:22
The rides at Disneyland don't require an understanding of Japanese, and the shows are parades which again don't have any language component. My 15 year-old brother enjoyed Disneyland when he was in Japan, and he doesn't speak a word of Japanese. Then again, my parents enjoyed DisneySea and they don't speak Japanese either. Maybe it depends on the person.
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? 2010/3/24 17:43
My japanese is very poor, but I did enjoy both DisneySea and disneyLand. Most of the rides and show didn't require any knowloddge fo language... (Except for one ''treasure hunt'' that I was quite frustrated not being able to do xD)
What part of the rides didn't you understand?
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language? 2010/3/25 00:08
I went to the orginal Disneyland in L.A. when I hadn't really learned English and I thought that it was the best thing in the world. I never thought that language has lots to do with the Disney theme parks except for the explanation on the "don'ts" they provide to toddlers in the Goofy House.
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