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Shinsengumi memorabilia 2010/3/24 02:05

Does anyone know really good places where i could find Shinsengumi-related articles, maybe a jacket like they wore or any other kind of things? I'll be in Japan next week and have a friend that asked me to get her something like that but i might end up not finding anything if i don't know where to look.
by Pentex (guest)  

... 2010/3/24 18:38
I saw some shops at Narita that sell some shinsengumi related souvenirs.

If you happen to be in Kyoto, go to Inari. There's a shop at the entrance of the shrine dedicated to the shinsengumi. They sells everything from mugs, sword replicas, fans and paintings.

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Thanks 2010/3/25 02:57
Thank you, i will check the shop at Fushimi Inari. I probably won't visit Narita itself, even if i travel through that airport, but that store looks like the perfect idea.
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Kyoto 2010/3/25 05:45
Hi Pentex,
I don't know where you will specifically be in Japan, but I definitely suggest Kyoto, specifically the area around Mibu Temple, as that was a base for the Shinsengumi. I went there years ago, oddly enough for the same reason, and got a lot of really nice stuff.
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Nice 2010/3/25 18:40
That's a rather nice idea, thank you. I hadn't thought about that even if i knew pretty well that they were based off Mibu. I suppose then many tourists visit that temple because of the connection with Shinsengumi and stores around it cater for that. I'll definitely take a look.
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