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Book set from my late grandfather 2010/3/26 01:13

My grandfather passed away last year and I was given these 12 books (looks like a set) as a present and I don't speak or read Japanese , Can anyone help me? I know my grandfather was in Japan when he was a young man the so he may have picked them up then. My mother just wants to sell these 12 books at our yard sale but I told her they maybe valuable.


by School Girl in LA (guest)  

hi 2010/3/26 21:38
You should take these books to the museum in your town.Maybe these are very old, and write about samurai.

Sorry my English is not good......
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not much effort 2010/3/27 00:02
It should not be hard for you to get the books appraised, especially if you are located in LA. Why on earth would you want to sell them at a yard sale? How much does your mother expect to get for them?
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money 2010/3/27 00:24
we are originally from la but i moved to kansas with my mom, there isnt any place a around here that could help me thats why i posted on the advice of my friend. mom thinks it worth 20.00 and since the divorce we dont have the money to take it to a professional.
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Re: 2010/3/27 00:53
These are "Gunpo JiyoshuR@pW" written by Sakuun Ogasawara}_ around 350years ago, maybe very valuable,I think.(Or copies of it)
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books 2010/3/27 02:07
i looked at the books again and they look old and original to me. there are many drawings in the books. its looks like these are some kind of military handbook. there pictures of houses (on fireand how to start them), flags (ones you see in combat like in movie last samurai) and weapons (bow and arrows). i did a google search on gunpo jiyoshu but did not find anything.
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. 2010/3/27 02:42
Contact a museum or university to have some experts look at them.
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Contact historical or Japanese museum 2010/3/27 15:22
School Girl in LA,

I wouldn't worry too much about your mom being robbed, but it would be such a shame if the person who bought them in your yard sale didn't take good care of these very old literature.

As suggested, you should at least try to donate them to a museum. I'm sure your grandfather gave it to you so that you can try to study about them as a student, or at least dream about them.

If you had the time and technology to ask this question to us on the other side of the planet, you can do the same to museums in L.A. or Boston or what not. Being in Kansas has nothing to do with it.

Best of luck.
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. 2010/3/29 12:40
This is a very historical series of books, worth a lot of money. Don't sell them cheap or at all.
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Small world? 2010/6/29 01:58
I don't know what you did with these invaluable books after being unable even to bring them to the closest university (why not, there is nothing to hide there, right?), but they have just showed up on ebay (http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170505908185). It's the same set judging from the stains and wears, sold by someone from Chigago...
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books 2010/6/29 16:35
try to fin the e-mail of a museum in LA and send them digital photos of the covers and some inside pages. Or make a couple of photocopies and send them by regular mail.
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Re: Book set from my late grandfather 2012/3/15 11:41
I will buy it ....top dollar!!!
Please, I dont want it top go to the wrong hands and get ruined or destroyed..
its an old NINJA MANUAL !! ;)

I am into Ninjutsu its history and the actual scrolls.
this was brought to my attention by the Historical Ninjutsu research team.
everyone wants to preserve this item!

If you allow me to check this out more and a glimpse of the inside i will make sure if it belongs in a museum ..that it WILL GET THERE!

Also i will ensure it will be gone over by translators so i can get its info and see if there is anything added compared to all the other old copies of this text.

PLEAS! contact me through my website:
Gremlinshag / it is a youtube page. Or you can find me at the "Historical Ninjutsu Research Team" facebook page ...Again I am John Johnson. I would put an email but this site is making it hard to reach out to get your attention.
AGAIN i am seriously interested in purchasing this! dont let your mother sell it to just anyone!
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Re: Book set from my late grandfather 2012/3/19 17:57
It looks like you are a couple of years too late, John Johnson. Check the dates of the OP and then the one about eBay.
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