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Sleepy fishing village 2010/3/26 13:31
My parents and I are going to Japan few a couple of weeks (roughly 14 days) later in the year and my dad wants to visit a 'sleepy fishing town' (he is an old school trawlerman and an advid fisherman) or a country village on the water somewhere. Any suggestions off the main track that will give him a nice insight into traditional Japanese culture? So far we had planned to fly into to Tokyo visit the big city (Emporers gardens, disneyland, etc) head down to Osaka/Kyoto for a few days, then off to Hiroshima & Miyajima for a day or so before we head down to Kyushu to visit some friends in Fukuoka. We will probably depart Japan from Kansai Kuko. I thought maybe Shikoku might have what he is looking for but in 2 weeks might be too much to ask to head there and thought there might be something else closer to where we are planning to go anyway.

Any and all suggestions welcome.
by Deaks  

Tosakure 2010/3/27 08:34
I visited Tosakure near Kochi. It may be what you are looking for. A very quiet little place with a small fish market.
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lake biwa 2010/3/27 12:46
If you're stopping by Kyoto, there's some fishing villages on Lake Biwa. Try Otsu maybe.
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. 2010/3/27 13:08
Go to Shikanoshima peninsula by boat or bus from Fukuoka, Nokonoshima island in the Hakata Bay, along the Japan Sea side of the coast from Fukuoka to Karatsu & Yobiko
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Otsu? Nokonoshima? 2010/3/27 13:51
I've never seen fisherman village near Otsu though there are resorts or marina.
And Nokonoshima is the recreation area merely.
Shikoku is available if you will visit Hiroshima, as you know. However, Kochi is a bit far. There are much fisherman villages near Matsuyma. You can get there easier from Hiroshima.

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Ikishima 2010/3/28 05:51
If you're in Fukuoka, you can take a ferry to Iki Island for about Y2000 each way. Nobody except fishermen go there. I'd rent a car in Iki City to explore the place.
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