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GCSE Music in Japan? 2010/3/29 10:54
Is there any way to study for (self-study, if necessary) a UK GCSE (O level) in Music in Japan?

I know that some other music qualifications can be taken here (i.e. ABRSM), but just wondered about GCSE also.
by Jo (guest)  

GCSE 2010/3/30 04:51
Hi. I found this website for you which covers distance learning http://www.distance-learning-centre.co.uk/products/86/MATHS_GCSE_COURS... . I doubt any school or uni in japan would run GCSE courses. By the way, if I were to spend this amount of money on a course, wouldn't it be better to try for something more useful than a GCSE? Just saying because I have this qualification from school and it's never been any use to me as far as applying for jobs or anything else, just a thought :)
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