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Organize a buddhist wedding in Japan 2010/3/30 00:48
My fiancé and I, both Italian, wish to celebrate our wedding in june or july with a buddhist ceremony, can you please give us advice and information to help us organize everything?
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. 2010/3/30 13:10
Buddhist? or Shinto? I don't know anyone who had a Buddhist wedding.
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Shinto Priest 2010/3/30 13:45
You may be confused.
You need a Buddhist monk for funeral & keeping the spirits/ghosts R.I.P(rest in peace).
And you want the Shinto priest blessing for wedding and other joyous occasions that you want the god's protections, i.e. child birth, construction safety, safe car driving, passing exams, etc.
Just be aware that there is the god for each occasion, living thing, rock, mountain, tree, food, water, soil, etc., etc. so it can watch out for you more personally instead of only one God in the west. lol.
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. 2010/3/30 17:26
Buddhism also have wedding ceremony (which is called "butsuzen kekkon" while the one carried by Shintoism is called "shinzen kekkon".)
However, Butsuzen kekkon is very rare especially these days, you have to find a temple who can carry out the ceremony also if you do not speak Japanese language, you should find someone who can arrange the things on your behalf.

It seems that Tsukiji Honganji (a famous temple in Tokyo) is one of them.
Here is their contact details (at the very bottom of the page)
How about making an inquiry?
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I agree with ". (guest)" above 2010/3/30 18:49
As the legal marriage in Japan involves only submission of papers to the city/ward hall, you can have whatever style of "ceremony," including, Christian, Buddhist (butsuzen), Shinto (shinzen), or "with witnesses (jinzen)" meaning you make a vow in front of your friends/colleagues and have that considered "blessing" from those dear to you.

I must admit Buddhist style ceremony is unusual even among the Japanese people, so I recommend inquiring with the temple the "guest" above has found :)
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Organize a buddhist wedding in Japan 2010/3/30 21:33
Thank you so much to all of you for your answers and precious information. After a little bit of confusion between Buddhist and Shinto ceremony (I always talked about the Buddhist one, the "butsuzen kekkon", even if I didn't know it was unusual and rare in Japan), you gave me great advice. I'm going to contact the Tsukiji Honganji Temple in Tokyo and try to arrange. Seems to me that with the Buddhist wedding ceremony it won't be necessary a traditional oriental dress. Is it correct?
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