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bringing other stuff to onsen 2010/3/30 02:11
I sometimes have to go to the onsen by myself, and it gets kind of dull to be there with no one to talk to. Is it ok to bring books or magazines to read while in an onsen or sento?
by bev (guest)  

... 2010/3/30 09:32
I have never ever seen anybody doing it. For the simple reason that they will most certainly get wet. But I doubt that it would be forbidden, assuming that you still rinse yourself properly before entering the bath, keep the books out of the water and properly dispose of the wet magazine afterwards.
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unusual, but might be OK 2010/3/30 10:49
Hello bev,

funnily, just a week ago I went to an onsen and saw a Japanese doing just that - reading a book while sitting in the water. Nobody seemed to care.

On the other hand, I wonder whether you plan to stay in the water long enough so that it is worth it opening the book and start reading. Isn't it more fun (and also much healthier) to periodically go out of the water, cool down, get in again, and so forth? I'm used to 1-hour-stays (or longer) in onsens, and it never gets boring, whether being with a friend or alone.

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. 2010/4/1 13:16
Sure you can & you can even sing Karaoke(if you can entertain others & you are not "onchi", please.
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