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Day trips from Hiroshima 2010/3/30 08:25
ILm currently trying to figure out what to do with my two spare days in Hiroshima. I do plane to arrive early from Kyto, so I can visit the city sights and Miyajima on my arrival day.

But ILm unsure whats the best to do as two day trips - at the moment ILm thinking of Hagi and another one to onomich.

Any suggestions? Accomodation is already booked and payed for so I canLt move those two days.

by schnapperin (guest)  

Hagi is good 2010/3/30 09:53
Hagi is a nice little spot for a walk around and probably most quickly reached by JR bus from Shinyamaguchi.
by RodW rate this post as useful

Hagi 2010/4/2 21:54
Thanks, it will be Hagi then.
Is it right that there is a JR Bus at 7.40 am to Hagi and back at 3.55? Would that be enough time to spend there?
And do I need to reserve tickets for the bus or can I just wait at the bus stop with my JR Pass?

by schnapperin (guest) rate this post as useful

shimanami kaido 2010/4/3 21:20
I'm intending to make a day trip (not sure if I'm staying over yet) to Shimanami Kaido from Hiroshima! It will be an interesting experience to cycle across islands:)
by np (guest) rate this post as useful

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