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Japanese age? 2010/3/30 22:45
I heard the age for children that are celebrating shichi-go-san is based on the Japanese calendar and not the usual western calendar, is that correct? So in essence a child 3 years of age celebrating his/her first 753 is actually 2 in the 'western' age? Also how prevalent is the practise of celebrating this day earlier or later than the actual day? I heard some do it weeks in advance. Is that common? Is it common to celebrate it later too?
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Difference of Aging 2010/3/31 15:42
Japanese traditional way to count age is different from western style. When a baby is born, he or she is already one year old. Because it is thought that baby in mother's body is living. And there is no birthday. Everyone get older in January 1st. This counting style is called "kazoedoshi 数え年"
So first 753 is 2 year old in western style aging.

Nov 15 is the day for 753. But recently, if 15 is weekday, it is very difficult for parents and relatives to go to shrine and celebrate 753. So, many people celebrate 753 in weekend around Nov 15. in Hokkaido, Nov 15 is too cold. So they celebrate one month earlier.

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. 2010/3/31 18:16
Nowadays, people celebrate shichigosan according the the Western calender age.
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I see 2010/4/1 01:28
So if my Japanese friend tell me he is 28 does that mean he is referring to it in the traditional Japanese counting or in western age?
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he is 28 2010/4/1 08:16
Basically, nobody uses the traditional age-counting method any more, so I was kind of surprised by the answer Michogoo gave you. As Uco says, shichi go san is now celebrated at 7, 5 and 3 years of age according to the western way of counting.

People say they are a year older on their birthdays, just like you do. If your Japanese friend says he is 28, it is exactly the same as if someone in your home country says he/she is 28. My Japanese husband is 39, and says he is 39, and he was born in November 1970.
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. 2010/4/1 22:32
Thank you all very much. I have a very clear picture now.
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