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Men's trendy clothing in Tokyo 2010/4/3 07:04
Hi! I'm flying to Tokyo for the first time on April 12 and I would like to ask you where could I find trendy men's clothes in Tokyo? I would love to know the best spots with better prices. I'm not looking for designer stuff or stuff I could easily find in the USA. I love Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, American Eagle, H&M and Zara (I'm visiting those places in Tokyo too!). As for Harajuku, a friend of mine suggested I rather visit Shimokitazawa first, what do you think?
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For young and handsome guys 2010/4/4 11:06
Shimokitazawa is great and so is Ura-harajuku area which is mainly the alleys behind Meiji-Dori closer to Omotesando Station. I hope you are young and slim, though!

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ahahaha! 2010/4/4 17:34
LOL! I found your last advice hilarious! Well... I guess I will be allowed to visit those places since I apply for the "young and slim" adjectives! Hope there's no bouncer in those spots 'cause "young and slim" might change from on eye to another!!! hahaha
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. 2010/4/5 10:22
Hehe, young and slim made me laugh. But then again, it is the truth. Remember that Japanese sizes are very small and the 'trendy' clothing that you are looking for normally doesn't cater to anyone above an American S/M.

Depending on the level of trendy you are after, you could also try Shinjuku. There are hundreds of amazing shops around the station that sells some damn amazing guys clothing and accessories. (if you are after accessories, Japan has some of the most amazing silver work in the world and a whole slue of fantastic jewelery brands) If you come out on the Starbucks side, facing the huge female shopping complex ALTA then turn around and walk towards Bic Camera. They are all nestled up and around there. Look for basement stores, as well as ones on upper levels.
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Great! 2010/4/5 14:49
Well thanks a lot! Actually I'll be staying at Shinjuku about some 5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station East so I will visiting those places!!! And thanks for the advice, sadly I am aware of the sizes and thanks to my genes I still fit a size S
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No offence intended 2010/4/5 14:51

Just so that you'd know, I didn't mean to be offensive. As suggested, the trend in Tokyo mode is really tight clothes. Also Shimokitazawa and Ura-harajuku mainly carries clothes/prices targeted towards people between high-teens to 20s. We often notice posts on this Forum asking for alternatives as these clothes do not fit big guys, muscular men nor older men. I just wanted to make sure since you weren't very specific about what "trendy" is to you.
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trendy 2010/4/5 16:56
Have a look at the TUNE magazine..http://www.fruits-mg.com/xnew/e/index.html

chances are that truly trendy clothes from Tokyo will freak out your neighbours, friends, etc. in the USA, unless you are living and working in New York trendiest area..
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You can't just buy a plain Tshirt ;) 2010/4/5 18:27
Well, I've never had a problem in L.A., London or Paris. That's what Tokyo's been all about for at least half a century.
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thanks again! 2010/4/7 16:28
@Uco, no problem mister! Didn't take it as an offense just was kinda funny to read it! Actually I know what you are talking about and not only because trendy clothes tend to be fitted but because the average Asian size is something between XXS, XS and S, thank goodness I fit into XS and sometimes S in the USA.

I will definitely visit Shimokitazawa and UraHarajuku! I love Japanese young people sense of fashion, they are just so edgy and trendy!
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