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100 yen and jusco at Fushimi 2010/4/4 17:27
hi there, my current location is Kyotanabe and I would like to dropby fushimi momoyama kintetsu station for shopping next weekend. I am wondering are there any other shopping mall nearby the station like jusco?I would like to go to 100yen shop as well..any 100yen shop nearby?thank you.
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yea 2010/4/4 20:54
there is a shopping arcade, but mostly restaurants, alcohol shops, daily stuff, not really the place to go clothes shopping! im not sure if there is a 100 yen shop there or not, but there could be. there is a saty (aeon) supermarket/shopping centre just off the main arcade. walk down the arcade from the station, and turn left at about the 2nd or 3rd street, and you will see it on your left.
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Thank you very much! 2010/4/4 21:40
Oh?I thought i can get some nice clothes over there.Anyway, i just dropby and see what I can get. I need to shop for groceries as well.I hope the prices are cheap.Hehe.

By the way, do u have any idea where can I get second hand clothes in this area?I found one at Miyamaki but the selection is limited.Need to buy some jackets. Thanks again~
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shopping mall along Kintetsu Line 2010/4/4 22:52
First, I checked and confirmed there are 2 100yen shops in and near Fushimi SATY.

Other relatively big shopping places near Kintetsu Stations are;

Bellfa-Uji: the biggest of these 3, but relatively far(1.5km) from the station(Mukojima sta.) 100yen shop available.
Rainbow Ogura: right by Ogura station, 100yen shop available.
Izumiya Okubo Shopping Mall: 800m South from Okubo station, 100yen shop available.
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which mall is worth going? 2010/4/4 23:08
Thanks for the info~really helpful. However, I am wondering which mall is worth going?i am target on clothes and food, hope to get good bargain. Thanks a lot~
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OK 2010/4/4 23:32
I would drop by Okubo station and check out UNIQULO, Okubo SATY and Izumiya mall. :)
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ooh... 2010/4/4 23:35
means i shld change my plan and move to okubo.hehe. So, all are nearby the okubo kintetsu station?I will go next weekend~~~by they way, u hv any idea on the good recycle shop nearby?arigato gozaimasu~~~
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OFF HOUSE? 2010/4/5 00:00
There seems to be a recycle choth shop called "OFF HOUSE"(Uji-Okubo Branch) in Okubo area.

So here is the location
OFF HOUSE : 800m north from Okubo station or 100m South of Iseda station
UNIQLO : 500m West from Okubo station
Okubo SATY : 700M West from the station, on the same street as UNIQLO
Izumiya : 800 South from the station

They are all on the wide street(Kyoto Prefectural Road No.69 or No15)
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wow...great! 2010/4/5 00:09
V, thanks for ur info~very clear and helpful!!!okubo seems to be a great place for shopping...i must go next week and okubo is nearer to my place also.Thanks a lot~~~
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... 2010/4/5 00:40
Just not to disappoint you...

Those SATY and Izumiya are NOT much bigger than ALPLAZA in Kyotanabe. That OFF HOUSE is only a bit bigger than the RECYCLE MART Kyotanabe(near JR Doshishamae station and the university)
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also, 2010/4/5 22:42
theres a 100yen store inside saty at okubo, on the top floor. izumiya is on a different street (the street running alongside the train tracks) to saty and uniqlo, but they are all within easy walking distance. if you walk down a few blocks past saty to the next big cross intersection, there is a cheap clothing shop on your left. also, if you turn right at this same intersection and walk down a few blocks, there is a recycle shop on the right hand side of the road there too. not sure if they have clothes tho. happy shopping
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thanks a lot 2010/4/5 22:58
V, you are very familiar with this area~~~thanks for the info..

Julie, thanks for your description.Tat's help a lot~I will walk around the area and explore~~~thanks again~~~
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