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Japanese wedding gift 2010/4/9 06:37
I have a wedding to go to this wkend for two Japanese friends. I actually introduced them to each other. I know I should pay the 30,000 gift money to them but actually I can't afford it now, due to some unexpected car trouble. I can maybe afford 10,000 or a present. I'm really worries about what I should do. I don't want to cancel but I also want to give a gift, but money is really tight suddenly. Is there anything I can do without seeming rude?
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my suggestion 2010/4/13 12:52
Is your friend close to you?? if so you'd better to tell her about your situation and your worried. She whould say "Don't worry about the money/present" and you can go to their wedding comfortably. if I were her I am glad you congratulate me and it's doesn't matter about money/present!! Money thing is just a custom, so 10000 is fine. Enjoy the wedding!!
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