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maid/costume photoshoot 2010/4/12 04:04
Tokyo 23-ku
I've heard about places in Tokyo (mainly Akihabara) that let you be a photographer and do a photoshoot with a girl in costume. I haven't been able to find any, does anyone know some places?
Or does anyone know if you can rent themed rooms for photoshoots?
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Maid cafe? 2010/4/12 09:52
Mailish is a maid cafe. You can't personally take pictures inside, but they offer pictures of you with their maids for a fee. Otherwise, you might try Harajuku at the park on sunday. The teens there dress up, and some may be lolita/maid type costume. People tend to take pictures with them all the time!
That place is in Akihabara.

There are more maid cafe there too... I just read about that in a blog^^ Use google translation if there's an issue reading directions.

Otherwise I'm not sure about the whole photoshoot thing ...
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Best maid cafes article 2010/4/12 09:56
Found this article, scroll down for maid cafes and reviews of them..
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Photoshoots 2010/4/12 10:07

The top floor of Don Quixote (the discount store) in Akihabara has an area where you can photograph girls in maid costumes in a "bedroom" setting. I don't know the exact details, and I presume it is only on certain days (weekends?) but expect to queue up for a long time.

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