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Girlfriend won't invite me to her house. 2010/4/13 06:57
My Japanese gf will only stay at my place and won't let me stay at her place. She shares her house with other japanese girls and says in Japanese culture you don't bring boys or bf's back, as she would be embarressed to think the other girls thought we were having sex. It doesn't add up to me. We're both 30. Is this normal?
by Danny (guest)  

. 2010/4/13 12:06
Most Japanese won't invite foreigners to their home, they are embarrassed about the size. Also, if she lives with friends, they may be unconfortable with a stranger or your GF is afraid they might hit on you. My ex GF was worried about that and she was right.
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... 2010/4/14 09:10
It's nothing unusual.

Apartments are small and girls, despite how good they may look on the outside, tend to be incredibly messy.

And yes, girls do tend to be protective of BF. If she has really attractive roommates, of course she's going to keep you at arms length.

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. 2010/4/15 12:50
Adds up a little ok to me and I'm not even Japanese.

If you're living in Japan now, which I guess you a are you know how incredibly small Japanese apartments/homes can be, also all girls place probably they don't want guys intruding into the place.
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of course 2010/4/21 07:05
Seems like common sense to me. If there are roommates, it's almost certainly cramped. Why would her roommates be okay with you sleeping over, let alone set foot inside their apartment? Why would your GF want you to meet or even be in the same room as her roommates? They don't know you, you don't pay the rent, and guys are not allowed at the girl's place. It's called privacy.
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Normal... 2010/4/23 08:53
It is not odd for women to have a "no male" rule. It is true in many cultures. Women tend to live very differently than guys do and they (the women) find it easier if the guys stay out.

Keep in mind that I am in NYC and several of my female Japanese friends have such rules.

In addition, it can't hurt to keep you away from the girls.

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privacy 2010/4/23 18:59
hey man. girls really like there privacy (as anyone does), so she would not invite you over, as it would invade the privacy of her room mates.
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different cultures 2010/4/30 00:01
I would say, it's just common here for girls not to invite BFs, also because of the already mentioned reasons. But as far as I know Japanese in genereal don't invite guests as easily in their houses/appatments as westerners do.
Or what do you think why there are so many Love Hotels here ^.~ (Ok, also because many Japanese live with their parents until they marry, but still...)
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