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Air mail hand lotion to Japan from U.S? 2010/4/17 02:53
I would think liquid soap, perfume, body spray... etc would be prohibited to be shipped internationally by air mail, but...

Will there be problems sending hand lotion by air mail to Japan from U.S?
by nezumi (guest)  

No problem 2010/4/17 11:03
No, you shouldn't have any problem. I just mailed my friend in Osaka a couple of bottles of hand lotion and she received it, no problem.
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Not prohibited 2010/4/17 11:03
And I can't think of any reasons why they would be prohibited. They're not explosive or poisonous, and there is no duty on them. I have had cosmetic items sent to me here in Japan from NZ/Australia countless times and no problems at all.

Go ahead and ship it.
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thanks 2010/4/19 00:40
Thank you both for your answers. That's good there is no duty, and I will be able to ship them. I heard from some where, cosmetics were not allowed, or maybe they have duty or something. I think I will try to send cosmetics as well. :D
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Stuff from foreign countries 2010/4/19 12:57
I get more or less regularly stuff from Germany (bath salt, shampoo and conditioner for my g.f., and other articles). During 20 years NO problem at all! Same with supplements from the States (much cheaper than over here) I didn't have to pay 1 single taxes (so far).
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not EMS 2010/4/21 16:38
According to new rules it is forbidden to ship perfumes via EMS, yet if you go for Fedex, DHL etc. you will have no problems.
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hmm 2010/4/22 00:09
Tax or tariff(?) seems to come out of the blue haha. Is there a website that states the rules?
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USPS 2010/4/23 09:18
I run a Japanese hair salon in NYC and have connections in Tokyo, and we regularly send products in each direction.

I have had better luck just using the U.S. Postal service than other services.

Just make sure you carefully wrap each container. I do mean each. Then clearly indicate the contents on the custom form.
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