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Best day to go to FujiQ Highland? 2010/4/17 14:46
the days I have available to go to FujiQ Highland are a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday. I heard the place is very crowded, but it is open 3 hours later on Saturday, and it closes at 5:00pm on the weekdays (but it might be less crowded?)

So what is probably the best day to go with the least amount of people so I can have more time to go on rides?
by Zach (guest)  

... 2010/4/18 08:12
Generally speaking, there is a large difference in crowds between weekdays and weekends. Other factors to consider are national holidays and school holidays, which are as busy as weekends. And the weather.
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guess I'll go thursday 2010/4/18 14:59
well I figured between Thursday 4/22, Friday 4/23, and Saturday 4/24, that I would go Thursday 4/22 since it will hopefully be less crowded. I have heard horror stories about people going and their experience is ruined because every line was 2-3 hours! But then I read other reviews that said it was the greatest amusement park in Japan! I really want to go to at least one amusement park and Fuji-Q seems like the best one because of the cool haunted houses and roller coasters....the Universal Studios and DisneyWorld have almost the same rides as the ones in USA and everywhere other than that I've seen seems too "kiddy"...what do you guys think?
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Definitely weekday 2010/4/18 17:31
I made the mistake of going on Saturday. It was very crowded. Although it was not that crowded in the morning. However after lunch hour - it took me about 1.5 hours to queue up for one of the roller coasters. 30 - 40 min for other major rides. Although it close earlier during weekend - it might be worth it to go there and not to have to wait for long.

Definitely a cool amusement park. Not that big but really have really great roller coasters!!!
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