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can I buy cotton wool? 2010/4/18 10:06
I want to buy cotton wool pads (for makeup removal and cleansing) but I can't find any in local conbini or pora roca stores. If you guys have seen anywhere selling it then please let me know...
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Yes you can.... 2010/4/18 18:44
....But Japanese cotton wool usually comes in square pads of various sizes rather than balls [which I assume is the case where you're from but I may be wrong].

I got mine from HI ƒqƒƒZ‚ñiHI Hirose), which is a home improvement shop chain on Kyushu.
Not sure where in Japan you are, but the brand I use is called Angel Cotton/Fuwapure. It comes in very feminine pastel packagin with a faux gold plaque printed on it, but if you look on the box at the picture of the girl using the cotton wool, it'll tell you what it's for.

The cotton wool out here doesn't fluff up everywhere, which is good for me [I use it for removing make-up/nail polish remover], but might not be for you.

Anyway, I hope this helps and keep on trying.
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