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A proper parting gift 2010/4/18 13:29
Hello. For about 2 years I was friends with a girl who is now 24 years old. At first we exchanged e-mails and snail mail fairly frequently. Then about 1 years into the exchange she found part-time employment and the correspondence began to dwindle. Eventually I became tired of her seldom sending anything and decided that it's no use. Thus, I've decided to formally break up with her.

However, I'm currently unable to travel to Japan and meet her face to face. I was thinking that a "parting gift" sent by post would be a good way to formalize the separation. What would the Japanese consider to be a gift suitable for when one must dissolve a relationship of any kind? Much obliged in advance for your answers.
by ippatsu  

..... 2010/4/18 22:07

I would be shocked if I received any kind of parting gift in that situation. Be an adult and just let it fade.
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. 2010/4/19 00:08
I have never given/recieved a parting gift. I assume you mean well but dependng on the situation it can be seen as adding insult to injury. Be so kind to move on without making waves.
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Thanks for your replies 2010/4/20 04:51
My main question was determining whether the relationship had actually come to an end. However, the apparent cessation of correspondence probably serves as more than enough of an indication.

Perhaps it is indeed better for me to allow the friendship to die off quietly.
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