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Adult fans of... 2010/4/19 01:46
What do Japanese people think about adults who are fans of shows like the Super Sentai series or Kamen Rider series? Do they think these adults are childish or are they indifferent about it? Thank you in advance
by Q (guest)  

. 2010/4/19 09:52
I think they enjoyed those shows when they were kids and still like them. I don't think you can tell one's maturity based on when he/she likes.
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. 2010/4/19 11:17
Oops. I meant to say "what he/she likes".
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Yes it is strange 2010/4/19 12:00
Of course it is weird. No one mention it in public but everyone say it in private. In general Japanese hate and discriminate such persons.
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. 2010/4/19 12:48
-Ikuyo Kuruyo

I agree with you.I suppose when they watch these shows, it reminds them of their childhood days and somewhat feel kind of attached to their inner child in a positive way.

-Che ne sara

Actually I do have these sort of thinking too.One question though, how would these adults are discrminated if no one says about it in public?

Again thank you in advance for any response.
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because 2010/4/19 13:33
in Japan what you say behind persons has more power than what you hear in public. Of course people say "Oh I personally think it is okay, but in general people do not accept it". Never trust him/her!
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. 2010/4/19 13:48
-Che ne sara

I see.Thanks for the information.
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Rangers 2010/4/19 15:25
I don't know why this question ended up in the Love and Relations section, but I know a lot of Japanese adults like that and they get their fair share of prejudice from Japanese locals, but I don't mind them at all. Most of them don't talk about it openly in public, though. They start talking about it once they know they're safe to.
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P.S. 2010/4/19 15:36
how would these adults are discrminated if no one says about it in public?

You talk about it as a teenager and learn that a lot of your classmates think you're immature. Then you might notice these comments on the internet or TV. Then, finally you become mature enough to have the guts to talk about it in public and a fair share of listeners will frown at you while a fair share of them will support you. Just as most kind of discrimination goes.

I mean, people who wear suits to work, votes for the conservative parties, talks about baseball, listens to David Foster and watches Avatar think they're normal, but still a fair share of Superhero fans frown at them behind their backs. But it's just that the former population might be larger, that's all.
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You know that in the kindergarden 2010/4/19 20:15
most of the important etiquette to live we learn and that in the tv programs or books for that ages -which you are talking about- we find many "healthy, robust, and one-sided" principles of life.

In general Japanese do not like to discuss about thoughts in public; especially, if the thought is based on "principals". Because Japanese understand that the real life can not be explained or modeled by such principles, and even worse, such thoughts are potentially dangerous. Purity is danger!

Super Sentai series or Kamen Rider series are made upon such simple principles and that is why adults keep certain distance from them.

One of my friends really like those shows and she takes her friends' kids to see them. I do not hate her.
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. 2010/4/19 22:08

Thank you for your response.
Actually my first thought, when I saw my question listed under 'Love and Relation' section was "What the..." lol.

Anyway, I understand about the discrimination thing now.So the majority somewhat despise this minority group of adults but at the same time these adults aren't really giving up their likings that easily.Hmmm, OK.

-Che ne sara

Thanks again for your response.It was quite a mind opener actually.I didn't know there is such ideology behind these shows.I thought they were just simply kids' show about superheroes.
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Nerds 2010/4/21 06:52
There's a difference between enjoying a show and being a fan of us. Lots of people watched Star Trek, but when someone says they are a fan of Star Trek it means something different. That show's made for adults, but people categorize you differently if you come out as a fan of it. Bottom line, most people know what Star Trek is but few people speak Klingon and dress up as an alien.

Assuming by fan you mean the latter, then no that's not normal. More common than you might expect, but not normal. But why would you care? Just don't bring it up in conversations with the general public.
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