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waterproof digicameras prices 2010/4/19 15:40
I am planning a journey to Japan and go diving in Okinawa.I wonder is it best to buy underwatercamera in Finland before we leave or are the prices for cameras very much lower in japan (the country of all electronic devices) Thank you for any advice.
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underwater cameras 2010/4/19 16:12
I'm not sure on what the prices are in Finland, and it often varies by brand. Do you have any particular models in mind and know how much are they where you live? Also, what will you be using it for? Scuba diving or snorkeling, because a lot of underwater cameras on the market are only rated to 10 meters making them better suited to snorkeling than diving. Higher rated cameras are available but they are proportionally more expensive.
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canon 2010/4/20 04:38
Not sure what the prices are for cameras where you are at, but here in the US most prices are cheaper here than Japan. Most electronics I see in Japan cost more. So check before you go.
And if you are looking for an underwater camera, Canon makes many underwater housings for many of their point & shoot cameras. They are rated down to 40 or 45 meters I believe. I have been using one for years with no problems.
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