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family kamon 2010/4/22 14:28
Looking for family kamon or crest for name SAKAMAKI
by sidiva  

. 2010/4/22 15:37
According to the kamon search engine, it could be one of the four:

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. 2010/4/22 15:41
The above four are for βŠͺiSakamaki) family.
For@ŽπŠͺ (Sakamaki) family, it could be either of the two:

β–q (Sakamaki)
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kamon 2010/4/24 07:03
my grandfather was Shunzo sakamaki how do I know which kamon it is There is no word before sakamaki in your message on which kamon it is
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. 2010/4/26 11:56
There are many families in different regions and different family may use different kamon.
The only sure thing is to trace it back to your relatives in Japan.

Sakamaki is not so rate family name, which means there are many different Sakamaki families and it is impossible to decide which is the "correct" one. (Especially when you do not know which kanji is used for "Sakamaki", as there are at least five Sakamaki - ŽπŠͺ@βŠͺ@βŽͺ@β–Š@β–q. (And for the two out of the five I could not find kamon.)

If the family name is less common it is more likely that all the families under that name share the same ancestor, then there can be only one kamon used by that family name.
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kamon 2010/11/26 17:05
does anyone knows how looks the Gushiken's Family crest?
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according to the website 2010/11/27 12:48
According to this website, Gushiken's family crest is a pair of rings that are inside of big circle.
Look at the sixth picture of the left side. "‹οŽuŒ˜‰Ζ–δΝ"
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Looking for Nomura kamon too. 2010/12/2 17:04
The Nomura family is from Niigata, Japan.

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kamon 2011/5/9 13:38
can someone show me the OKAHARA kamon
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